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Zoom With Us
and Improve Your English

One-on-one or group English lessons curated to fit your needs

Study at your own pace with a dedicated tutor

Accelerated learning on your own schedule

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Expert Instructors

Personalized Programs

Online & On-demand

Online English Courses for Business Professionals

Our English classes are customized to fill in the gaps in your knowledge. Whether you are preparing for an important business meeting, an interview, or are accepting a position in an English-speaking country, we've got your back. Fill out the form and we will contact you shortly to create a custom plan for your needs.


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English as a New Language

Attending a school or university in an English-speaking country can be intimidating. Don't let the stress get the best of you. Contact Upgrade Academics to practice conversational English and learn  academic terminology to prepare yourself for the upcoming academic year.

How it Works


Fill Out Our Intake Form

Tell us a little bit about yourself, why you are looking for personalized English lessons, and specify your timeline or deadline you need to achieve your goal.


Receive a Quote and Lesson Plan

Our instructors will create a lesson plan that fits your needs, along with a quote and suggested schedule or intensity of weekly lessons.


Learn Online with Expert Instructors

All lessons are designed to work around your schedule, but also to enhance your English skills in the quickest way possible.

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Practice and perfect your conversational English

While academic English sets you up for success in school systems, conversational English classes are aimed at improving and polishing your English skills in different social settings. Sharpen your English by practicing various scenarios with our instructors and learn how to communicate with English-speaking natives in a more informal  manner.

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